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Work History

pond Tallmadge Ohio


The photo to the left is a pond our company excavated in 2003 in Tallmadge, Ohio for a proposed retention pond. In order to retain water, due to sandy soils, we had to line the entire pond with bentonite.









This is a retaining wall our company installed at a condominium development in Tallmadge, Ohio. This wall was approximately 190' L x 11' H.




Kent Ohio




Pictured here is a 64-unit condo development where we installed all underground utilities and site grading, in Kent, Ohio.




64-unit condo development



This wall is in the same 64-unit condo development. We installed this due to elevation differences between a neighboring property and the condo development property.






Nursing Home



Here is a nursing home community where our company handled all of the site grading and utilities.

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